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Juan Tigreros


I am looking for a challenging opportunity in a studio that promotes creativity and has high quality standards. I would love for this studio to have a family atmosphere where constructive feedback can be the foundation for the quality of the work.

Professional Experience:

EA Easy

November 2010 - Present

Lead Animator for Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free and an unannounced title. 


  • Responsible for interviewing and hiring animators.
  • Responsible for mentoring and growing animators to achieve higher standards and faster workflows. 
  • Responsible for all animation related needs for 3 projects.
  • Responsible for the optimization and improvement of workflows by identifying issues and proposing creative solutions. 
  • Writing Scripts to provide tool support for the animation and modeling team.
  • Setting up a render farm to speed up render times for trailers.



Imagination Studios

August 2010 – September 2010


Freelance Character Animator for an undisclosed project.

§  Responsible for the cleanup of complex motion capture body animation.

§  Scenes included complicated martial arts moves with several characters interacting at the same time (fight scenes).


Lux Animation

April 2010 – June 2010

Freelance Character Animator for the T.V. series “Babar”

  • Animating multiple characters (mostly hero character)
  • Responsible for 6 to 10 seconds of animation per day. 


Imagination Studios

December 2009 – December 2009

Freelance Character Animator for the game “Battlef ield Bad Company 2 (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

  • Responsible for editing mocap data on main characters.
  • Hand keyed facial animation.  


Avalanche Studios AB

April 2009 – September 2009

Character Animator for the games The Hunter (PC), and Just Cause 2 (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

The Hunter

  • Responsible for hand keying realistic animation of quadrupeds using Motion Builder.
  • Responsible for hand keying realistic first person animations of player using a bow.

Just Cause 2

  • Helping the Cut Scenes department to improve the quality of in-game cinematics. Motion Builder hand keyed.


Bully! Entertainment

April 2009 – July 2009

Freelance Character Animator on PBS Kids’ Hooper T.V. series

    • Animating a cartoony character named Hooper.
    • Responsible for 20 to 25 seconds of finished animation per week.


Nackademin Yrkeshögskola

Stockholm, Sweden
February 2009 - March 2009
Computer Animation Instructor

    • Responsible for 40+ students
    • Course included but not limited to:
      • 12 principles of animation
      • walk cycles
      • Lifting a heavy object with emphasis in timing and weight distribution
      • Clear and effective posing
      • Lip sync animation with emphasis in acting through body language


Brown Bag Films

April 2008 - Present

Freelance Animator for two T.V. series

    • Responsible for animating 40 seconds per week
    • Animating multiple characters on screen (up to 12 characters)
    • Optimizing work flow to ensure delivery of animation quota while maintaining the quality level set by the animating supervisor


Nackademin Yrkeshögskola

Stockholm, Sweden

March 2008 - April 2008

Computer Animation Instructor

    • Responsible for 40+ students
    • Course included but not limited to:
      • 12 principles of animation
      • walk cycles
      • Lifting a heavy object with emphasis in timing and weight distribution
      • Clear and effective posing
      • Lip sync animation with emphasis in acting through body language


White Shark AB

Stockholm, Sweden

August 2007 – March 2008


Character Animator for feature film (Gnomes and Trolls)

·        Supervising three junior animators

·        Responsible for delivering 3,5 seconds of animation a day while keeping the high standards set by the animating supervisor

·        Helping with the character development for all the characters in the movie


Full Sail Real World Education

Winter Park, Florida  32792     

2006- August 2007

Character Animation Studio Artist

·         Supervise students within a lab environment.

·         Give critiques to improve the students’ understanding of animation to better their projects.

·         Creating content for the class curriculum such as, resources, tutorials and manuals.

·         Collaborate with other Studio Artists to work on school and personal projects.

·         Help train new Studio Artist employees in Maya.

·         Habitually researching to better the curriculum and keep current with newer technologies.





Online education

May 5th 2013 – August 4th 2013

Advanced body mechanics and pantomime acting



Animation Mentor

Online education


Animals and Creatures: Master Class


- Understanding the mechanics and nuances of creating four-legged motion


- How to create believable quadruped motions that expresses real animal behavior.


- How to break down live-action animal reference and apply it to realistic and fantasy creatures.


Full Sail Real World Education     

Associates in Science for Computer Animation
Winter Park, FL                                                                       2005-2006


·         Over Achiever’s Award (Full Sail’s Computer Animation degree):

This award is given only to one student per graduation class. It’s in recognition of an outstanding performance during the duration of the program.

·         Course Director’s Award for Demo Reel Creation class for Computer Animation Program

This award is given to the best student in the class.



  • Excellent understanding of the principles of animation

·         Extensive knowledge of Maya: Traditional key frame animation and rigging.

·         Extensive knowledge of Motion Builder

·         Very comfortable Maya’s Mel and Python scripting language

·         Familiar with 3D Studio Max: Traditional key frame animation.

·         Familiarity with polygon and nurbs modeling,  UV texturing, lighting, dynamic simulation and effects in Maya



·         Solid technical and artistic skills with After Effects, Photoshop, Shake and SynthEyes

·         Solid understanding of traditional animation




·         Excellent understanding of the animation pipeline and tools for Unity

·         Excellent understanding of the animation pipeline and tools for BfEditor (Refraction 2 Engine)


Other related skills:

·         A leader with a team-player, result-driven, and forward-thinking mentality

·         Strong problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict-resolution abilities

·         Bilingual (English and Spanish)



Dancing Salsa it’s my biggest hobby, I do it every weekend. I also enjoy my Xbox 360, especially Fifa and Fuzion Frenzy. I love animated films and my favorite movie it’s The Incredibles. I also enjoy teaching animation. I have found in teaching, one of the best sources of inspiration.


Other work experience

Sprint Pcs, Maitland 32839          


Loyalty Marketing Group

o    Promoted.  Served as Acting Team Lead and managed a team of 20 employees in all testing operations for new products and services, including add-on options and existing customer plans

o    Led teams in exceeding sales objectives during up-selling initiatives, including long distance and additional service options

o    Participated in the implementation of a Pilot test format designed to increase bottom line company revenue, and developed programs for increasing customer satisfaction and retention; achieved 70% retention rate